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 Fortnite arrived on the PC and console market, immediately gathering the approval of millions of players who decided to try the Epic Gamestitle .Through this guide, we're going to provide you with some guidelines and some tips to help you get the most out of Fortnite's Battle Royale mode .

General advice
  • Avoid advancing in the open field: using any type of cover to move around the map is essential to avoid becoming an easy prey for opponents . fortnite free v bucks and money Take advantage, therefore, trees, buildings, rock walls and anything else you find nearby.
  • Once you reach the safety zone bounded by the circle on the mini-map, do not make the mistake of lowering the guard: the enemies may come from any direction, since some of them may still be outside the area of salvation. On the contrary, try, on the contrary, to cunningly try to ambush those who should arrive after you, perhaps even exploiting in this case the cover that the map offers you.
  • When you feel the presence of a shootout, you could instinctively and unwisely immerse yourself immediately in the battle. Our advice is to evaluate the situation , as far as possible, before moving on to action: act at the end of the battle and eliminate the already injured enemies, could turn out to be a very smart move, which could also guarantee you loot interesting esamindo the bodies of the adversaries.
  • If you need resources, visit buildings and structures scattered around the map. You will have to act, as usual, with complete caution, since even the other players, if necessary, will venture into these places.
  • Do not underestimate the strategic role that can cover the doors of buildings: once inside, close the door to mislead the opponents, suggesting that the structure you are in is still apparently abandoned. If the trap will work, it will be easy at this point to attack with surprise those who have naively approached.
  • As with any shooter, we recommend diversifying your arsenal, once using shotguns, others using sniper rifles and so on. It goes without saying that the med-kits can be literally vital, and that it is always good to collect them together with minor curatives.
  • We also suggest that you use the headphones during your games. In Fortnite, players' footsteps are much more distinct than most other titles; an aspect that, exploited in the right way, could prove to be of crucial importance.
Track or escape from enemies
  • To track down your enemies, Fortnite provides a series of clues from which to take inspiration. As we have already said, it is good to listen carefully to the steps of the other players, but also pay attention to the dusty trail that these cause on the ground as they pass. hack fortnite xbox one In addition to this, examine the projectiles you would find on the ground, potentially revealing the  opponent's nearest position.
  • In case you are in a moment of escape, it may be useful to climb on one of the surrounding buildings: to help you, in this sense, you could find piles of tires, useful to give you the momentum to cling to the protrusions of the structures.
  • A high way - this quite obvious - to hide your presence, is to crouch (action can be performed by pressing the L1 or LB key depending on the pad used).
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